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Lunchbox Love for ThanksgivingLunchbox Love® for Thanksgiving Volumes 1-3Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more. -Oprah Winfrey

Lunchbox Love® for Thanksgiving Set


Add grace and whimsy to your Thanksgiving table this year with Lunchbox Love® for Thanksgiving. The Lunchbox Note Cards double as place card settings and feature thoughtful quotes about gratitude on the front, and fun interesting facts about Thanksgiving on the back. They make the perfect place card setting – your guests will love them, plus they are great conversation starters. Also stick on gifts, in with flowers, or on a bottle of wine for the host/hostess you may be visiting this year.

Each pack contains 12 different cards. This set includes Lunchbox Love® for Thanksgiving Volumes 1 and 4, giving you 24 unique cards in all.

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Make your Thanksgiving table more memorable than ever with Lunchbox Love for Thanksgiving. This set includes 2 Volumes (12 notes per volume) that feature quotes about gratitude and giving thanks on the front, and interesting Thanksgiving trivia on the back. They are perfect for place card settings, conversation starters, or as gifts for the host or hostess you may be visiting this year. Several sets are available, so be sure to see them all.


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