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4 Essentials to Packing a Healthy Lunch

1. Get inspired. We post lunches every day on instagram, so hop on over to @lunchbox_love, and prepare to be inspired by hundreds of lunches by lunch packing moms like you who just want their kids to eat delicious and nutritious food to keep their bodies and brains fit throughout the school day!

2. Make meal planning a family affair. You basically know what your kids like to eat, therefore you should have no problem packing lunches they will devour- right? Not necessarily. “When kids have a say in their meals, less food is wasted and unwanted.” This is a quote by Gillian Fein the creator and CEO of the best meal planning app out there. It’s called LaLa Lunchbox. This app makes meal planning less of a chore and fun for your kids!

3. Prep a few snacks and meals in advance. Cook/bake a few meals and snacks your kids love before the week begins. Pop them in the fridge or freezer so they are ready to grab and pack! Find great recipes at Weelicous Lunches. I just adore her baked chicken nuggets (great to freeze), fruit roll ups and so much more.

4. Add Lunchbox Love to build a healthy emotional connection. No lunch is ever complete without a little love, encouragement and inspiration. You all know how I feel about having a strong emotional connection with your kids and Lunchbox Love® is a simple way of doing just that! With hundreds of cards to choose from, you’ll always have the right words to say to your child.

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