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Fun Facts Come to Life – Greenland

National Geographic never disappoints! Watch the short clip below about Greenland and a little bit about Vikings! The Lunchbox Love® note featured is from Volume 32. Subscribe to our newsletter for Lunchbox Love®’s latest and greatest news, ideas and SALES! Check out our FREE Leprechaun Jokes here. It’s not too late!  

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Yellowstone

I visited Yellowstone National Park when I traveled cross-country after college. I really want to go again – this time with a family in tow! I would love to rent an RV and camp…maybe visit multiple national parks. That’s it – I’m planning it! Have you ever been? Tips and tricks are welcome! Enjoy the […]

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4 Benefits of Showing Kids Unconditional Love

Ditch the pressure to have your kids succeed in school, athletics, and socially. Actually, just trade it in for unconditional love.  This doesn’t mean you have zero expectations of your children or that you shouldn’t help them accomplish goals and achieve. It just means that you want to be careful to balance the expectations with […]

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