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Fun Facts Come to Life -What is an Umbraphile?

Anyone excited for the solar eclipse? We highlighted one of Lunchbox Love® notes last week and here’s another from Volume 61). We’ll have to wait until April 8, 2024 to see another but we can always learn about them. Who knew that there is a word for someone who loves solar eclipses? UMBRAPHILE. The video […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Solar Eclipse

We will be witnessing a solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. This Lunchbox Love® fun fact about a solar eclipse (in Volume 59) would be so cool to add to a lunch. It’s fun to tuck  Lunchbox Love® all over the house too. Our family plans to check out the solar eclipse. Do you? Make […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Dice

Our family likes to play cards and dice games! We play Bones where each roll of six die adds up to points (or not!). Whoever gets to 10,000 first wins! The rules are below plus an easy, little video on another dice game for family. This note is from Volume 31. Sign up for our newsletter […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Bethany Hamilton

This Lunchbox Love® volume, Never Give Up for Kids, just became available again! Buy yours today! This note is perfect for Shark Week! The video about Bethany Hamilton below is so inspiring. Teach your kids they can do anything! Sign up for the Free Shark Week printable. The week is not over yet – share […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Megalodon Shark

The first week of my kid’s Summer vacation, we went into a store in Portsmouth, NH called the Village SilverSmith. It was a random “Looks like they have rocks and fossils, too. Let’s go in!” type of thing. It was the coolest store I’ve ever brought the boys into. They had tons of fossils, rocks […]

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