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Lunch Punch SPORTY Sandwich Cutter 4 Piece Set


The Lunch Punch® was invented by a mother of 3 young children to make lunch more fun for everyone. As every parent knows, it's a daily challenge to make a healthy and appealing lunch that kids will eat. Sandwiches are a mainstay in children's diets, but they're so boring and many kids don't like the crust. The Lunch Punch® cuts sandwiches into fun and interactive shapes while cutting off the crusts. The Lunch Punch® is designed to capture the most amount of bread to minimize waste. It's also tall and gentle on little helping hands 🙂

~ Baseball glove and ball ~ Basketball ~ Football ~ Soccer ball

~ Great for sandwiches, toast, cakes, cookies, egg-in-the-hole and more!

~ Designed to capture the most amount of bread to minimize waste

~ Made of fully ABS FDA certified food grade plastic BPA-free, lead-free, mercury-free, phthalate free!

~ Kid friendly, dishwasher safe and fully recyclable

~ Taller than other cookie cutters, making it easy to cut through two pieces of bread and spread while still keeping sandwiches light and fluffy.

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