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Thank you for joining the Family Kindness Challenge 2015!

We are so happy that you’ve decided to join our Family Kindness Challenge 2015! Starting tomorrow, you will receive an email each day with a simple act of kindness that you can do with your family. Here are some suggestions for maximum impact:

  • Discuss the act of kindness with your family in the morning and after school
  • What were the reactions that you noticed?
  • How did performing the acts of kindness make you feel?
  • How could you expand on it and incorporate it into every day?
  • If it feels right then go crazy and thank more people (the universe LOVES grateful people.)

Pleases share your experiences with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #LBLKindnessChallenge and you’ll be entered to win some fabulous prizes.

Share the Family Kindness Challenge with your friends and co-workers. It’s never too late to start. If you’re a teacher, bring it to your classroom. Let’s make 2015 the Year of Kindness!

Kindness is contagious–spread some today!