I just wanted to let you know how much my 9 year old daughter loves getting these in her lunchbox everyday! I had bought volume 1 from Walgreens ages ago but just recently started using them. When I ran out of the cards I googled "fun facts for Kids" and started making my own. After the first day of using my own homemade card, my daughter tells me that she liked the Lunchbox Love cards MUCH better than mine!

I wanted to say thank you for such great service, and the cards are PERFECT! This is one of the coolest ideas Ive seen, and everything truly is great quality- the cards, packaging, everything. Thank you again!

I love doing business with this company.  These notes have a profound affect on my 9 year old daughter and as a result we’re able to ‘stay in touch’ even while she’s @ school.

I ordered such huge assortment of Lunchbox love notes that I have so many that I began giving them away to friends and to my daughters teachers.  My daughter has been getting them in her lunch everyday since kindergarten she is now in the 2nd grade.  The first year I did them I had a parent stop  me at back to school night to comment on what a hit my daughter was in the lunchroom because the kids would wait everyday to see her note and the trivia of the day.  I have even gotten in trouble with my daughter for  forgetting to change the card one day and sending in a repeat.  I LOVE these cards and I am so excited to see that you all are getting the national press you so rightly deserve.  I even use the cards for my Girl Scout Troop.  My daughter is going off to sleep away camp for the first time this summer so I am super excited that you have a campers edition.  Can't wait to get my next order!


My 15 year old daughter mentioned recently that she would like me to include a note in her lunch each day.  I immediately thought of your Lunchbox Love sets, because I had purchased one at a store quite some time ago, but had never used it yet.  She was pleasantly surprised one afternoon and said that she and her friends loved them! Thank you for making such a cute product!

We are loving our Lunchbox Love notes! My 6th grader doesn't take hers out of her lunch bag - she reads them under cover but if I ever forget to include one she always lets me know. :)  My 4th grader loves the Did You Know? and they are a source of discussion at the lunch table. Thank you for making such simply designed, loving, quality products. Parenting isn't always easy and these little notes help make a nice connection each and every day!

I really love your product and appreciate you coming out with new ones.  I sure go through the ones I have as my daughter loves them!

My middle is soooooo painly quiet in school. He told me he looks forward to eating his lunch so he can read those sweet little notes. One day I forgot so he told its only fair that I put in 2 notes the following day... Your product is very creative and have told my friends about these cool cards.

I am here to report that I did put a handwritten note in my 2nd grader's lunch then the next day my Lunchbox Love notes arrived so I started using those instead. And as it turns out my daughter absolute LOVES the Lunchbox Love notes and specifically told me she likes them so much better than the ones I wrote myself (no hard feelings...ha!). She passes them around the lunch table to share the "fact" with her friends, and she even asked me (I am not kidding about this) if I could buy her a frame to keep them in. She saves every single one and now that I think about it...I think all my handwritten notes have gone in the trash. Anyway, I love the great encouraging messages they thought of for the cards (I am just not that creative myself) and she loves getting them.

I've been putting hand made notes in my son's lunchbox since he went to preschool, he's 10 now & the only thing he will "allow" in his lunchbox is LUNCHBOX LOVE so thanks for being cool enough for school! =)


Let me start by saying that I LOVE these. I found them in Toys R Us. My son and everyone that sits near him at lunch can't wait to hear the note. These are great!!!  Thanks. I was running out of ideas to put on his notes that I sometimes put in his lunch then I found these. I bought volumes 10-18.

My son is pretty shy and had trouble making connections at the beginning of the year. As it turns out, he said that the kids at his table look forward to the trivia on the cards and they ask him to read his card everyday! Who knew the "love notes" I was giving to my little guy would turn into the ice-breaker he needed to make some new friends! It's a little thing, but it's made a big difference!! THANKS!

Ladies - I LOVE THESE NOTES!!!  My daughter saved all of them in her lunch box all last year so she could re-read them and the kids at her table would wait to hear the funny trivia.  There is even enough room for me to write a personal note to her on the boarder.  I have recommended these to other friends who also love them.  Great Idea - Just placed my order for the new volumes!!!  Best of luck and success.


I just wanted to let you know how much we love your product. I found the sample lunch box love sets on a clearance rack, bought 4 and today came back to buy volumes 5-10. My husband and I have enjoyed reading the sayings and picking which one we will put in our sons lunch for the next day - my husband has never been this involved with lunch packing. Thank  you for providing a positive product - one of my favorite memories is when my mom would put sticky notes in my lunch when I was growing up. This is much cooler!!