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Jennifer Miller

I met you both at the National Stationers Show at the Javitts Center in approximately 2009… I was there doing development work for my employer forging strategic partnerships to benefit brides. As I was hustling through the crowded aisles, I stopped in my tracks at your booth as I was familiar with your product. I introduced myself and over the course of a very sweet and friendly conversation I explained that I had bought a few of your very first packs of Lunchbox Love Notes that year. I didn’t yet have a child or children but I was so impressed with the simplicity and positive message your company and notes intended to spread that I HAD to purchase a few in the event that someday I had a child to share them with. You kept in touch via Twitter and when you appeared on Good Morning America’s “Deals & Steals” the following year, you shared my story with Tori Johnson about how I put them away for my future lunchbox toting little ones. 

Fast forward 8 years: I am now the Mom to two amazing and beautiful little girls, the eldest of whom started Kindergarten this week. In our kitchen there is a drawer where about 20 boxes of Lunchbox Love Notes are stored ready to add positivity, love, warmth, knowledge and giggles to a very special little girls lunch. Thank you for this simple act of love that I have waited patiently for 8 years to share with my beloved little girl ❤️😊💌


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