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Amanda McKnight

I have used Lunchbox love notes for my daughters growing up years
they have meant so much to us and been a source of connection and care.
How proud they were to receive one each day in their lunches!!
One daughter is now a Sophmore in college and the other a Junior in HS
so I fully understand where you are coming from..its a beautiful thing to see/help them grow
but wow does it go fast..snif.
This Mom in California sends heartfelt thanks for making their days a little more special
and for reminding them that they were loved every day while at school
with the sweet and fun notes from home.
I have now got my sister hooked and she and her 7 year old are enjoying the tradition!
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Kerri Gillis

By the way, I just want to let you know how much I love Lunchbox Love. My kids love getting them in their lunchboxes as well. My daughter turned 12 last year, so I thought maybe that she would be too old but she told me that she still likes to get them… so I’m thrilled to see the Tween option. She’ll be so happy!

Also, my son’s teacher last year loved them as well. She had asked me about them at a conference one time and she also would have my son read his out loud to the class each day. He thought it was so fun. However, I had to make sure that I never forgot to put it in there. LOL!

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Jennifer Miller

I met you both at the National Stationers Show at the Javitts Center in approximately 2009… I was there doing development work for my employer forging strategic partnerships to benefit brides. As I was hustling through the crowded aisles, I stopped in my tracks at your booth as I was familiar with your product. I introduced myself and over the course of a very sweet and friendly conversation I explained that I had bought a few of your very first packs of Lunchbox Love Notes that year. I didn’t yet have a child or children but I was so impressed with the simplicity and positive message your company and notes intended to spread that I HAD to purchase a few in the event that someday I had a child to share them with. You kept in touch via Twitter and when you appeared on Good Morning America’s “Deals & Steals” the following year, you shared my story with Tori Johnson about how I put them away for my future lunchbox toting little ones. 

Fast forward 8 years: I am now the Mom to two amazing and beautiful little girls, the eldest of whom started Kindergarten this week. In our kitchen there is a drawer where about 20 boxes of Lunchbox Love Notes are stored ready to add positivity, love, warmth, knowledge and giggles to a very special little girls lunch. Thank you for this simple act of love that I have waited patiently for 8 years to share with my beloved little girl ❤️😊💌


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Yay just ordered (Riddles 5-8), kids will be thrilled! 5th and 7th grade and they still miss them if I forget to put them in. 🙂 Love them :)!!!

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