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Lunch Box Love for Kids - Volume 9 -16
I'm so glad you could share your true feelings with me. - Lunchbox Love® for Kids, Vols. 9-16 SetNo one is perfect! - Lunchbox Love® for Kids, Vols. 9-16 SetYou are doing exactly what you need to be doing. | Lunchbox Love for Kids Volume 10Lunchbox Love® for Kids - Volume 15

Lunchbox Love® for Kids Volumes 9-16 Set


Make lunchtime even more fun by putting Lunchbox Love® note cards in with your child’s lunchbox, backpack, or binder. Or put one on their pillow for a giggle before bedtime.

Busy parents and caregivers will love this easy yet meaningful way to share positive feelings and values with their children. Fun trivia on the back entertains. Positive words on the front enlighten.

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