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Lunchbox Love for Kids was selected by Tory Johnson for her "Deals and Steals" on Good Afternoon America. Check out the clip below.

Say Please Co-founder Judi Willard Posts on TODAY Moms

Judi Willard, licensed psychotherapist and co-founder of Say Please, was honored to be a guest writer on TODAY Moms. In response to the viral video in which an autistic student was verbally abused by a teacher, Judi shares her advice on what to do when you see abnormal behavior in your own children. Check out the whole article here.

Hybrid Her Chooses Lunchbox Love for Best of 2011


Hybrid Her has just announced their picks for the Hybrid Her's Best of 2011 Holiday Guide and we are proud to announce that Lunchbox Love is among the fantastic products chosen. According to Hybrid Her, Lunchbox Love notes "make a great unique gift for the friends and family on your list who are also moms and dads!"

Check out the guide for the details and all other wonderful mom-created products. 


Celie McKay, age 4, and her brother Fionn, 2, of Lexington, Ky., get the same thing for lunch almost every day—a note from their mom, Liz Swanson. Ms. Swanson keeps it simple. "YOU ARE LOVED," she'll write. Or, in blue crayon, "BLUE!" Sometimes she makes "happy bananas," which are bananas that she decorates with a drawing or googlie-eyed stickers... Read Full Article

Wall Street Journal

Meet Judi Willard & Mary Fuller -- the co-founders of Say Please, Inc.  Hybrid Moms interviews them in this week's Moms of the Week!


"Around here, a bit of 'Lunchbox Love' goes into the kid's school lunches. We, and they, literally love them. We also use the Birthday set on our gifts. Now, the positive words that lift spirits every day are inspiring us even more during the holiday season..."

These are the funnest little cards to tuck into lunch boxes! I also like to tuck them next to the kid’s plates at the table. They make a good conversation starter!

"Lunchbox Love is a great product available from Say Please. Inside these little cases are positive notes to share love, encouragement, and fun with your kids. Place one of the cards inside your child's lunchbox to send a special message to them at school."

"Start the School year off with an extra fun way to remind your kids you are thinking about them while they are away from you. Pack a Lunchbox Love® note from into their lunch or backpack each morning. What an encouraging surprise for them to receive a note from you during their school day."

"I am an avid believer in the power of words and kind gestures. Smile at someone, you start a chain reaction. Give someone a compliment, you make their day. Children are even more affected by loving gestures. I remember as a kid not letting anyone fix my hair no matter how messy it got, because I wanted my mom's hands to be the last to touch it. Say Please has these cute little cards that say something nice on one side and a fun fact on the other side. Brighten your child's day with these cute little love notes."

"Westerville's Hey Diddle Diddle stocks these $4.50 packages of a dozen small cards to slip into your kid's lunchbox. Messages of motherly affection on one side ("I love spending time with you") are counterbalanced with trivia your child can use to ward off wedgies ("The stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks to keep from digesting itself"). 38 N. State St., Westerville, 614-818-5437;"

"I put a Lunchbox Love card in Makenna's lunch on the second day of school. She loved it! ..."

"Back-to-School can be a scary time, so sometimes it’s nice to know that Mom–or Dad– is thinking of you with a little lunchbox surprise. Here are some ways to spread the love..."

"Lunchbox Love by Say Please are wonderful little cards with positive messages and fun bits of trivia written on them. You place them in your child's lunchbox or binder to remind them you care while they are at school. I was lucky enough to receive a pack of cards to try and I just love them to pieces! Some of the cards say things like "I love spending time with you." and "Thanks for being a great kid!" and on the back read "Did you know that it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open?" Each card is double sided with positive words of encouragement on one side and a fun fact on the other. I can't wait to pack my daughter's lunchbox for the first day of school and choose a card that is just perfect for her first day back! I know she will feel so special when she reads her Lunchbox Love note."

"I love ideas like this. Anything I can do to provide my children with something positive and good is a great idea to me. I would be so happy knowing that I made my child smile throughout the day by letting them know I thought of them."

For any new parents or expecting moms and dads, knowing what stuff to get before the baby arrives can be a challenge. There's a lot of stuff out there, but what makes the most sense and help you with day-to-day life? Lifestyle expert Joanne Sgro shows Tess Rafols some "mommy must-haves." These are things you might not have known even existed.

"I think they're a wonderfully sincere way of reminding your little ones how special they are, while making them the go-to person for sharing cool info tidbits"

I wanted to make sure my readers knew about Lunchbox Love from Say Please, Inc. This collection of 12 credit-card sized cards comes in a cute compact case and features positive phrases on the front like "I love spending time with you" or "Be kind" and fun trivia facts on the back like...

"There are quite a few options available for leaving notes in your child’s lunchbox, but Lunchbox Love is a real stand out!...the cards are an easy and meaningful way to share positive feelings and values with your children."