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Positive Intention Setting For Back to School


If you’ve done yoga, meditation or anything spiritual, you have probably been invited to set an intention by your teacher.  It’s something touted by spiritual seekers, advisers, and success gurus like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and a personal favorite, Louise Hay.  My hypothesis, after years of practicing intention setting was that if it works for success seeking adults it should work for kids too! And guess what? It totally does!

As a spiritual psychotherapist, life coach and mom who works with both kids and families, I  have found intention setting to be EXTREMELY powerful! It’s a tool I have been using with my kids since they were literally 4 years old.  At the time my kids used it to accomplish their sports goals and when we realized what a great tool this was (BTW, both my kids have division 1 scholarships to college), we started setting Back to School Intentions. Before we knew it, setting intentions became a daily habit for everyone in my family!

Here’s what you do:

Have your kids take a moment sometime before school starts (the night before works) to write down how they want the school year to go. I have my kids write it down in the present tense as though they already have what they want.  They are basically stating it as a positive affirmation. Here are some examples:

I am having an amazing year at school.

I am grateful to have so many nice friends.

I am doing well in all of my subjects.

I like my teachers and they like me.

I am always surrounded by kind people.

School is fun and peaceful.

All is well, everything is happening for my highest good, from this situation only good will come and I am safe(this one I took from Louise Hay and I love it!).


You can tweak these statements according to your child’s desires.

Explain to your kids that setting an intention is like planting a seed in the ground that will eventually grow if it’s nurtured properly. It’s also important to know that these seeds of intention work best when planted in fertile soil. The fertile soil being their body and mind. If the intention is to make new friends but the thoughts and self talk are negative i.e. “I never make new friends”,  “nobody likes me” or”no one ever sits with me at lunch”, then it will be difficult for the intention to manifest. This is not fertile ground for healthy growth!

Once the intentions are set and written down, have your child settle into a comfortable position, close their eyes and take three or four deep breaths, slowly exhaling each one. Now have them say their intentions/affirmations and guide them to feel grateful for them as though each one has already been accomplished or they are experiencing it right then and there.

Science says that setting an intention with an elevated emotion like joy and/or gratitude is what ultimately draws it into your experience.

Have your child practice their intentions each morning or evening (I like to set my intentions in the morning). Let me know what you think and how your child’s school year progresses. Feel free to email me with questions (email below).

Wishing you and your beautiful children an amazingly successful school year!


Judi Willard Co-Founder, LMSW, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Parent Counseling
Adults, Children and Parents

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