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Pains In The A**? Not Always. 8 Things I Love About Having Teens.

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I can’t believe my babies are all grown up and the days of snuggling while reading a book or watching a movie are really over. This year my son went off to college and my daughter started high school. It has been an emotional year to say the least. I am now 7 months into it and can honestly say that there are many positives to having teenagers! Yup, I said it… I like having teens! For those of you who know me, I am the girl who croons over babies and on occasion thinks it would be nice to have one more. So the fact that I am saying this is a surprise to me too.

Liking the teenage years is not the most popular sentiment among parents. The constant eye rolling and back talk, plus that whole thing about them thinking your so uncool (I hate that one). Don’t get me wrong, my nerves are often frayed and my intuition challenged, but overall there ARE positives about having teenagers and for today that’s what I choose to focus on. Here they are:


  1. They get your jokes and sarcasm and they are actually really funny themselves!
  2. They sleep in!!
  3. We can see movies that EVERYONE enjoys!
  4. They can have intellectually stimulating conversations and you get to catch a glimpse into the adults they will soon become.
  5. I don’t have to watch my language :). When the not-so-occasional curses fly, I don’t have to feel guilty.
  6. We can have spiritual conversations and I am often struck by how much I learn from them.
  7. They can actually be helpful. From the dishes to doing laundry they can be genuinely helpful around the house and if they drive, they can run errands!
  8. Most importantly you get to watch them mature and grow and for that I feel truly grateful.

Judi Willard
Co-Founder of Say Please Inc, Creator of Lunchbox Love and Psychotherapist

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