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Meaningful Ways To Use Lunchbox Love

We are constantly amazed and inspired by our beautiful community of moms and dads and their use of Lunchbox Love. This week we received a moving note from a mother who is working really hard to raise her kids to be good, kind human beings.  With that she shared a picture of the note she wrote to her child on one of Lunchbox Love for Kid’s blank notes.   Her note is exactly why we started Say Please Inc. in the first place; to promote the sharing of kind, loving and inspirational words everywhere!! We just had to share this with you along with other meaningful ways parents are using Lunchbox Love to show love, encouragement and gratitude.  Here’s what she wrote:

“Trying my best to raise kind children in a world chock full of unkind people.  Thank you, LL, for the blank cards in each package.” – Stefany



From Lunchbox Love for Christmas

you've worked so hard all year


     From Lunchbox Love for Kid’s

say what you mean

i loved



From Lunchbox Love for Teens and Tweens

you can do anything

So you see, they are not just for lunchboxes.  You can stick a note of love and encouragement in a Lacrosse stick, on a dresser or stuck to a bulletin board or mirror (where I know for sure my teenage daughter would see it-LOL). We’ve had moms place them in sneakers or cleats too! And every so often mom will get some Lunchbox Love too and it feels so good! 🙂

We’d love it if you’d share with us below or on Facebook and Instagram how you’re using Lunchbox Love.

  “Say Please believes words have the power to change someone’s day, a life and eventually the world.”


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