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Every Parent Needs The Magic Of The 5:1 Ratio (Cheat Sheet Included)

Science shows that in order to have a happy adult relationships you must have a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions. What that means is that for every negative interaction you have with your spouse, friend, boss etc… you need to make it up with 5 positive interactions. The study concluded that the same holds true for your relationship with your kids!  Isn’t that great news! All you need is to be mindful of your interactions with your kids and this little cheat sheet to keep your relationship with your kids positive. My grandmother would always say, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and its so true! This ratio will help insure your child is happier, more cooperative and strengthen your relationship! See some of my suggestions below on how to make this happen.

5:1 Ratio Cheat Sheet

  1. Say I love you.
  2. Give your child a good quality hug.
  3. Say I am proud of you.
  4. Read a book together.
  5. Break the rules and let them stay up a little later and play a game of cards together.
  6. Rough house.
  7. Tell them a sweet story from their childhood.
  8. Leave them a special note on their pillow, dresser, or in a lunchbox (Check out Lunchbox Love)
  9. Be silly.
  10. Tell jokes.
  11. Catch them being good by letting them know you noticed.
  12. Say yes to their next request (within reason of course LOL).
  13. Do something fun outdoors together, like play tag, basketball, walk on the beach or go for a hike.
  14. Snuggle
  15. Have a movie night.
  16. Bake together.

Would love to hear some of your ideas!


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