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6 Ways To Get Your Kids to Open Up

It turns out the connection a kid needs to feel with his parents in order to open up and talk to them is cemented long before the teen years. Julie Romanowski, a parenting coach in Vancouver, says communication skills are built even in infancy and toddlerhood.How crazy is that! It’s not that you can’t work on your relationship with your teen during the teenage years, but so much of the work is done early on. I say use every opportunity to work on having open communications with your kids as soon as they can comprehend what you are saying! Stay close, connected and listen even when the stories they are telling you are boring you to tears, because they won’t tell you the big things if you aren’t listening to the little things.

6 Strategies to Get your Kids To Open Up

  1. Pay close attention to conversation openers and be ready to pounce on this opportunity to converse. To your child this is an indication of whether they can count on you to talk.
  2. Refrain from firing a million questions at school pick up. I know all I want to do is ask a million questions! Take a breath, stay centered and maybe say something like, “I missed you” and see what their next association is. Nothing will shut down a conversation faster than an interrogation.
  3. When you do ask questions ask non-judgmental ones that require specific answers. You will get better answers than if you ask general questions like “how was your day”.
  4. Let them vent without rushing in with solutions. Sometimes they will just want to talk. Reflecting their feelings back to them will encourage problem solving and keep them talking. I love this strategy – it really works!
  5. Make sure to connect with each child every day. “If you build it they will come”. If you make special time to sit and have a snack together, some tea, color or even watch a program on television, they will grow accustomed to this and be more likely to open up during one of these times.
  6. Talk less and listen more. Reflect back what you hear without judgement and if they clam up then ask a question.

Sigh! No one ever said being a parent was going to be easy! 😂 Lunchbox Love® for Kids can also be a great conversation opener. From the jokes, fun facts and riddles to the sweet I love you’s and be kind messages. Let Lunchbox Love® help you connect! Leave us feedback on how you connect with your kids on Facebook or Instagram (@lunchbox_love). Good Luck!

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