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Cute First Day of School Lunch šŸ™‚


Based on my experience as a parent and my work with children, these are my back to school tips for reducing anxiety.

  1. Prioritize sleep at least 1-2 weeks before the start of school. Everyone is better equipped to handle life on a good night’s sleep!
  2. Turn back to school shopping into a special day your child will look forward to every year! Let them pick out their school supplies, a first day of school outfit and their favorite place to have lunch. My teenage kids still look forward to this!
  3. Talk to your child about what they are most looking forward to and what they are least looking forward to about school. All experts agree that talking is a cure for anxiety.
  4. Help your child hold a picture in their mind for what they want the school year to look like. Have them see it and then write it down. Click here for a FREE scripted intention setting guide.
  5. Stay supportive and connected. While you can’t go to school with your children to help them through the day, you can send some extra love, encouragement, inspiration and fun daily by dropping a Lunchbox LoveĀ® card into their lunchbox, onto their pillow, or anywhere really.
  6. Check your own anxiety. Be Mindful of your own feelings about your child going back to school. Children are super sensitive to how their parents are feeling. My daughter in particular is constantly taking my emotional temperature. When I’m stressed, she seems more on edge as well. So be sure to step up your self care at this important time of year!

Good Luck to you and your children on their first day back to school! I’ll be driving one up to college and the other is in High School so I know I’ll need a little luck šŸ™‚

XO, Judi Willard

CEO at Say Please Inc and at home, Psychotherapist

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