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4 Ways To Use Earth Day To Connect With Your Kids.

Do You Use Every Opportunity to Connect and Make Memories with your Kids?


I recently read this quote by Gretchen Rubin about motherhood: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Honestly, as I write this, I am tearing up because of how true it is. So what are my two cents on the subject?

DO NOT let opportunities to connect with your kids pass you by, because time passes quickly. I should know. My daughter just turned 16 and my son is turning 20 in May! Where did the time go? So while it’s important to connect with your kids in some way every single day, use holidays and annual events, including the non-religious ones to connect with them. For instance, April 22nd is Earth Day. Use it as an excuse to spend time together.

Here are 4 Fun Ways To Connect with Your Kids for Earth Day!

  1. Plant A Garden  Planting an herb or vegetable garden with your kids can be a fun activity for all ages.  I have been planting with my kids since they were as young as 2.  They loved getting their hands dirty in the soil, and there was nothing better than getting soaked while they watered everything in site LOL! Start with something easy to grow and use containers if you have limited space. The memories will be priceless.
  2. Decorate a Re-Usable Tote Bag  The average American family takes home 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year and we now know this kills approximately 1 million sea creatures. Toss the plastic and purchase a re-usable cotton, canvas or other machine washable tote.  I know Michael’s sells them, but Amazon and Oriental Trading Company have them too. Let your kids choose the bag, paints, markers, rhinestones stencils, etc… and start decorating. We live in a beach town on the coast of Long Island, and on April 22nd this year all shops, restaurants etc… will charge 10 cents per single use plastic bags.  We are definitely going to have to stock up on totes.
  3.  Re-Purpose Household Items  Why not re-use plastic cartons, glass food jars and shoe boxes that would ordinarily end up in landfills or worse and turn them into flower pots, pretty vases, bird feeders and organizers? Use paint, markers, crayons and stickers to beautify and personalize. In the last year my daughter and I have been re-purposing all our glass jars as flower vases, candle holders and drinking glasses.  Sometimes we paint them and other times we don’t. We have a deep sense of pride knowing we are contributing to saving the planet and of course the time spent around this activity is so special.
  4. Pick Up Trash In Your Neighborhood  Grab some heavy duty gloves and go to a local beach or park and spend some time picking up litter. Obviously don’t let your kids pick up anything dangerous 🙂

No matter what activity you settle on, your kids will learn a lot about the importance of Earth Day, and bond with you while they are at it. What could be better!!?!! Let us know how you plan to celebrate and be sure to tag us  in your photos with @Lunchbox_Love  on FB and Instagram.

Happy Earth Day!


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