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4 Benefits of Showing Kids Unconditional Love

Ditch the pressure to have your kids succeed in school, athletics, and socially. Actually, just trade it in for unconditional love.  This doesn’t mean you have zero expectations of your children or that you shouldn’t help them accomplish goals and achieve. It just means that you want to be careful to balance the expectations with unconditional love.
Here are 4 reasons why:
1. Unconditional love helps a child’s mental and physical well-being
A UCLA study suggests that children who are raised by a warm, affectionate parent fair better emotionally and physically then those raised in a more pressured, harsh, critical environment.   Lack of parental warmth appears to create high levels of stress and cortisol leading to issues with high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease,  high blood pressure and obesity.
2. Unconditional love increases a child’s brain development and memory
A study done at Washington University in St. Louis said that children with affectionate mothers have a larger hippo-campus, which is a part of the brain that controls memory, learning capabilities and responses to stress. It’s a “no brainer” that we should be very focused on nurturing our kids.
3. Unconditional love makes your child less fearful and more well- rounded
There is undoubtedly a sense of security that children embody when they are treated with love, respect and affection by their parents. Children who receive unconditional love are more likely to try new things and not be fearful of failing. If your home is one where love is doled out based on merit, your children could feel unsafe and develop a fear of failure. This could impact both social and academic aspects of their life.


4. Unconditional love creates a stronger bond between parent a child
Children raised by mothers who shower them with affection have a stronger bond.  We also know that this increases a child’s desire to cooperate and please, which translates to less risky behavior, better judgment and the ability to stay on the right track. 
We all love our kids and desperately want them to succeed in life; so take a moment to evaluate your parenting style and make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on them to succeed, especially without balancing it with some good old fashioned love and affection. 
Judi Willard, MSW
CEO Say Please Inc.
Creator of Lunchbox Love for Kids
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