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Never Give Up–Empowering our Children

If you are a parent, then you have felt no greater joy or pain associated with raising a child like anything else in the world. You feel every single emotion and you experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. When they cry, your heart aches. When they hurt, you feel even more pain. And when they suffer, you suffer right alongside with them. Probably even harder.

Consider this emotionally driven experience a huge part of the roller coaster ride called parenthood. And you can’t ever get too comfortable with the projected journey because with so many bumps and turns along the way, you’re bound to fall off course. I suppose it is all part of the job description. Especially if you’re a parent with a child in youth sports, then you know what a bumpy ride it is.

You’ll know the face of defeat when your child shows sadness. When they suffer, you suffer, remember?
But, one of the best parts about parenthood is catching them when they fall and lifting them up.

This reminds me of a story recently of my friend, Jade*. Her daughter, Annie, played field hockey for years and was extremely talented. She had a sheer passion for the sport. However, unlike many of her teammates, Annie did not spend her summer practicing in a field hockey camp or working with a seasoned coach for private lessons because she didn’t think she needed to. When it came time to try-out for the best club team around, both Annie and Jade were confident she would easily the team  – that was until the day Annie walked through the door full of defeat.

She didn’t make the team.

Annie was devastated and was ready to give up on something she loved.

Jade knew that Annie should have spent more time getting ready for the season but she did not want this setback to lead to an all-out loss of field hockey in Annie’s life. She knew she had to take advantage of the learning moment and lift Annie back up.

Jade purchased a pack of Lunchbox Love Never Give Up and tucked the cards around Annie’s room, in her lunch, and her books. Then, a few days later, Jade woke up to find that her daughter had taken one of the cards and copied the quote onto a chalkboard in the kitchen as an inspirational message for herself each day.

Lunchbox Love Never Give Up #lunchbox_love #inspiration

Although Annie did not make the team this season, she is motivated to work toward her dream of joining the team in the spring. Lunchbox Love did not get Annie on the team but you know what it gave her?



A belief in herself again.

The idea to never give up on a dream or goal.

It’s amazing how one little card can completely change someone’s day; how a few words strung together can leave an impact on someone’s life – including that young girl.

For all the dreamers and goal-setters in your life, have a pack of Never Give Up cards on hand–you never know when you may need to catch your child when they fall.

And, certainly, lift them up.

Do you have a #NeverGiveUp story? Share it with us, we would love to publish it! More details on our #NeverGiveUpLBL initiative coming soon including when and where to send your stories.

And, don’t forget to check out our full line of Lunchbox Love so you’ll always have the perfect message on hand to share love and encouragement throughout the school year.

(*names have been changed for privacy)

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