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Sweet Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers Your Kids Will Love











Want to avoid a sugar overload this Easter? Try adding some sweet non candy fillers this year.  Obviously, we LOVE including Lunchbox Love for Kids as well as our Free Lunchbox Love Easter Jokes in our baskets (see the pic above) but we’re biased (LOL)!  If  you want to download Free Jokes sign up here and if you prefer purchasing some Lunchbox Love here’s  a 30% off coupon: Use Code EASTER30.

Now getting back to our favorite non candy ideas for your kids Easter Baskets. Below are some of the items our team is planning to pack in their kids Easter Baskets!  And I must say, they are pretty cool.

1. Cool Water Bottle (maybe with a monogram).  My daughter loves her swell water bottle and the fruit infuser ones are great too.

2. Crayola Neon Glitter Chalk is the bomb!

3.  Roll of craft paper and pencils/markers.

4.  Paints and canvas.

5.  Bunny socks.

6. Gardening Tools and some flower seeds.  These are always a big hit in our house.

7.  Get in the spirit with Fuzzy Easter Bunny Ears.  We saw cool ones at Party City.

8. Grow a Chick. These are so cool and you can get them here.

9.  Bubbles with a twist.  Check it out here.

10. Nail polish

11. Gift cards are great for older kids.

12. Books are ALWAYS a favorite.  For any age the Runaway Bunny is such a sweet book to remind your kids you’d go to the end of the earth for them.

13.  Swim goggles.

14.  Cool Kite.

15. Animal cookie cutters for your little baker.

16.  Anything having to do with water balloons and water balloon launchers! We love the bio-degradable ones. Check out more here.

17. Bring Love Encouragement and Fun with Lunchbox Love. Use Code EASTER30 for 30% off.

18. Athletic equipment like a soccer ball, baseball mitt etc….

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