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Fun No Carve Pumpkins For Kids

A little back history first… So, I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary less than a week ago. We had a beautiful wedding complete with little, white pumpkins at everyone’s place settings. To say I love white pumpkins…ya, I really do! And I tend to be drawn to every project associated with them. Hence, these right here! Aren’t they so adorable!??!

Check out this colorful project at Cloudy Gray Day


Off to the the pumpkin patch I go! Perfect little project for the neighborhood kids! And maybe the moms too! You know you can spend a fortune on white pumpkins, right?!?!


I’m pumped to get started. This is going to be great! Don’t you want to go out and make them yourself? Ya, you do! But before you get started, I’ll let you in on a little secret…nothing EVER goes as planned with kid’s crafts! Am I right? As I set out to craft with the kid’s Martha Stewart-style, I should have known better…but, I forgot! And honestly, why would I want to pigeon-hole the look of their pumpkins! So, I set up their table and they were on their way!!!!




Colored tissue paper (I chose Halloween colors but the bright colors above are so fun)

Sponge Brushes

Mod Podge

Acrylic Paints

Cups of water for rinsing brushes

Aprons (most important!)


The kids can paint and or decoupage the pumpkins. Paint first, then decoupage. To Decoupage,  use a sponge brush to “paint” some Mod Podge onto the pumpkin first, then add the colored tissue paper followed by more Mod Podge. Embellish decoupaged and painted pumpkins with stickers! Oh – by the way – keep your decoupaged pumpkins sheltered. We had a little rain and half of the colored tissue paper washed away!


They had a blast for the whole 10 minutes max they worked on those precious pumpkins. It certainly took more to set up and clean up than the actual project itself but so be it! Is this a crew or what?!?!


Look at these creations – it was a success! The most important thing is having FUN. That we certainly succeeded in. And I learned a lesson or two to boot! Let the kids create…let the kids be happy. I think these are the PERFECT PUMPKINS! Don’t you?


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