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Who would’ve thought??

I have always put little notes in my son’s lunchbox, not everyday, but every so often just to give him a happy surprise.  He always seemed appreciative, but not amazed.  When I saw a sample pack of these cards for a dollar, I thought it might be fun for something different, but had no plans to buy anything more than that.  At first, he just seemed really curious about where I got the cards and what were they for.  Then, this school year, I happened to put the last one in his lunchbox for the first day of school.  I don’t know what prompted it, but he has been talking about it ever since:  how much he likes those cards, the facts are really interesting, how great it is when he gets a card in his lunch.  Needless to say, I have just ordered 4 more volumes to keep the “lunchbox love” going!  Plus, I decided to get the one for the people I appreciate — I am PTO president at my son’s school and I think they will appreciate some lunchbox love as well!! 

Thanks for perfecting a great idea AND making it affordable!!  I have a feeling lunchbox love will be a part of our lives from now on!

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