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What’s in Your Lunchbox?

We’re mixing things up and bit today (and hey, why not?! It’s MONDAY!) and giving you an inside look to one of our fellow moms behind Say Please Lunchbox Love Welcome to a Monday edition of “What’s In Your Lunchbox?” with Esther Pascal:

What's in my lunchbox today:
I am trying to not eat any grains or dairy so my lunch today is a BIG salad with some grilled salmon, avocado, arugula, various chopped veggies, and a simple olive oil vinaigrette.

When I'm in a rush, my go-to healthy lunch fix is:
A wrap. You can put anything in a tortilla and it will taste good. Some smoked turkey breast, a little mayo, and some greens and you're good to go.

If I could eat one lunch for the rest of my life it would be:
I get bored easily and I like variety so I am not sure I could eat the same lunch for the rest of my life. Big salads really are my favorite lunch and they make me feel healthy. 

My favorite Lunchbox Love Note is (and why):
"Your giggles are like candy for my heart!" from Volume 61. There is nothing that makes me happier than hearing my children laugh, especially when they are laughing together.

When I'm making my kids' lunches, they always ask for:
My daughter–mac and cheese balls from Trader Joe's; my son–PB&J. Simple folks.

My favorite lunchtime snack/treat is:
Sliced apple and chunky almond butter. There are things that are more decadent but this is so delish and easy and doesn't make me angry at myself.

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