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What We Do With and Say to Our Kids Has Impact!

I just read the most touching article in the New York Times by Josiah Howard titled A Final Message From My Mother. It's a must read for all moms, especially our Lunchbox Love Community.

As parents we do and say things on a daily basis never really knowing how much of an impact we are having on our children.  This article, where a grown man tenderly talks about his meaningful connection with his mom is proof that we are making a difference!

Josiah Howard's mother, a single mom raising an only child sent him little notes regularly that obviously made him feel connected during very difficult times.   Eventually Josiah started sneaking notes into her change purse to surprise her her as well.  Years later, after she died he found one last note she left him in his favorite childhood book that read "Dear Skip, I love you always. Miss you a lot. Don't forget me. Be happy! love, Mom".

Keep sending your Lunchbox Love notes, keep telling them you love them, how proud you are of them even if they seem like they are getting too old to hear it. They are never too old to be loved and adored.

What a great mother you were Josiah's mom and what a beautiful boy you raised! 


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