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We’re sooooo excited

The feedback we’ve been getting about Lunchbox Love for kids is so heartwarming we have to share ………

I bought your cards at Michaels – really like them and hope alot of others do also. My son lights up when he opens his lunchbox! I am in charge of our school Fall Festival Fundraiser where we raise needed funding to help PTA- it is October 2, 2009 and if you would like to send me some flyers or information with my order I will gladly give it out to other families. Positive is so needed and so important – I think your product is delightful! Thank you! Jody”

“Absolutely love your lunchbox cards set and have purchased plenty for friends, family and teachers!  Such a great way to show our kiddos how to be a positive EXAMPLE of kindness along with a powerful message for them too.  Think i found your products at our local Michael’s store in Katy, TX and been thinking of adding them to birthday favor bags…love them!!

“I bought your sample cards the other day from Michael’s craft store and just loved them! Jenny “

I found the sample sizes at Michael’s and fell in love with them. I have always put hand written notes in my childrens lunch bags, but these are FABULOUS!!!! I love the trivia and think they are so interesting. I’m really considering having a custom order for my fiance’s 40th birthday party AND for our wedding!!! Kristen

 I LOVE your Lunchbox Love! I found a sampler of them in my local Michaels and can’t wait to put them in my daughter’s lunch bag. I always write her little personal notes and she loves it. How much would a custom set cost? Looking forward to your future products! Donna

Are there going to be new ones out, after volume 8, I think these are wonderful, Im so glad I found them at Micheals or I wouldve never known about them, and it was nice to have 10% off as well considering Micheals sells them for a $1.00 a piece. Thank you again WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! Buffy

 I discovered your products in Michaels … the sample packs and LOVE them!! What wonderful products 🙂  Andra

How truly inspired! I came across the sample packs at Michael’s and thought it would spice up my traditional hand written notes. I hope the charity that benefits from the proceeds appreciates it as much as me. Jeanne

My wife and children love the cards. She found volumes 1-4 at Michael’s in Melbourne, Florida. Apparently she puts them in the lunchboxes for the kids and their classmates gather round to see what they have each day. Your site and concept are great. Thank you, please keep it up – John



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