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Our Favorite School Lunch Supplies

Between all of us here at Say Please we pack at least 50 lunches, snacks and after school on-the-run meals each week. So we decided to take a poll and here are our favorites. If you’ve got a favorite you want to share, please let us know here.

Lunchbox Love for Kids, Riddles and Never Give Up

Surprised that this is at the top of the list? 🙂 We often prioritize healthy, wholesome food for our kids’ lunches. But, did you know that what they take in on an emotional level is just as, if not more, important than what they take in on a nutritional level? As a result, we believe that no lunch is truly complete without the perfect heartfelt, inspirational and fun message. Check out all the Lunchbox Love here.


In our opinion, there isn’t a single perfect lunchbox for all of our different lunches but that just means we get to switch things up and use different lunchboxes and bento systems for school lunch.

Easy Lunchboxes

IMG 8 cc love u to moon


IMG 35 cc beautiful inside out

Laptop Lunches (we love their actual lunchboxes, not just their bento boxes)

IMG 141 cc love you more


The easiest way to transform a lunch is to grab a cookie cutter and turn a plain old sandwich into a heart, flower, whale, or anything else you think your kids will love. Works for cookies, brownies, fruits and veggies as well.

IKEA DRÖMMAR 14 Piece Pastry Cutter Set in Box & Heart shaped cookie cutters


Thermos — Perfect for soup, pasta, oatmeal, or any other hot foods

Mabel’s Labels — So many adorable ways to personalize your kids’ labels and so much easier than writing their names in Sharpie. 🙂

Neatos Re-usable bags — We are always looking for ways to save the environment from plastic baggies. Neatos are not inexpensive, but they are really easy to use, wash and re-use and pay for themselves in just a few uses.


Sometimes we need some lunch-inspiration and these books are our go-to references for great ideas.


LaLa Lunchbox makes lunch packing a fun activity for both parent and child.


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