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I used to write a little note on my daughter’s paper napkin and put it in her lunch box every day.  She read it at first, but quickly stopped reading them.  Frustrated, I stopped writing notes.  Then I saw a trial pack of these cards at Michael’s I think for a buck and I got them and then forgot about them.  But school started back up this week and I remembered yesterday to put one in her lunchbox.

On the way home from school yesterday my (7 yr old) daughter asked me where I’d gotten that little card I’d put in her lunch today.  I told her I had my little surprises and left it at that.  She could not understand the front which said “Your feelings matter to me.” so it gave me an opportunity to explain what that meant (dialogue is always good!) and she loved the fact about the turtle on the back (although I would have preferred “rear-end” or “fanny” or “bottom” or something instead of the more crude “butt”).

The card I put in yesterday got all wet from milk at lunch, but I rinsed it off and put it on the windowsill to dry and today you can’t tell it ever got wet so I can re-use it, which is good!

I just ordered the 1st 4 volumes and if she keeps reading them, it will be great.  She gets a little inspiration and something funny and she knows that I love her and think about her even when we are apart.

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