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Lunchbox Love from You!

When Mary and I first set out to create a company around positive messages, we both dreamed of having mothers from around the world excited about our products and connected by a sense of community. Each day, we get orders from so many different people in so many places, but it’s the comments that really make our hearts light up!  It’s like receiving some Lunchbox Love from people you’ve never met but who share a like-minded point of view on what is important in life.  Mary has been posting some of these notes (with your permission, of course!) so you can  get a sense of what we’re hearing back from people. But what I really want everyone to know is how grateful we are for your notes and support, and how inspired your words make us!  What we hope will happen is that Lunchbox Love will help connect people from all over in a community of kindness. 



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