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Lunchbox Love for Strength & Hope

Lunchbox Love for Strength and Hope

Every pack of Lunchbox Love was developed from our personal experiences as moms, wives, co-workers, and friends. Our brand new Lunchbox Love for Strength & Hope is no exception. The inspiration for Strength & Hope came from a dear friend of mine who was struggling with a terrible divorce. I didn't know what to do for her so I began writing these cards with the hope of lifting her spirits during such a difficult time in her life.

In the middle of writing the line, another friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer and I continued writing, now with her in mind as well. Before I was finished writing, I realized that I, too, could use each one of these Strength & Hope cards as I was still dealing with the loss of my father and grandparents.

I wrote with a strong sense of purpose–life throws curve balls at all of us and a little strength & hope can go a long way to help get us through anything.

You can give an entire pack of Lunchbox Love for Strength & Hope to a friend who might like to read all of the cards at once for inspiration or they can be used one card at a time, with flowers, home-cooked meals or anywhere else for an uplifting surprise.

Find Lunchbox Love for Strength & Hope here.

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