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How To Thank Friends With A Home Cooked Meal and Lunchbox Love


How do you thank your friends for taking your daughter on an all expenses paid vacation to paradise? Not sure anything you do or say quite suffices LOL!

This is Daisy’s 3rd year going to St. Lucia with this amazing family and we are so grateful she gets to have this amazing experience. Of course we have said thank you so many times, but wanted to do more. Since they arrived late with no time to eat let alone make dinner, I thought they’d be happy to come home to a hearty, healthy, home-cooked meal.  I roasted a chicken potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.



For a little extra love and gratitude I added some Lunchbox Love for Monica and Steve and then taped a whole bunch of fun riddles that would entertain the kids during dinner.  They were so grateful and it warmed my heart!

Click here for Lunchbox Love Riddles

No act of kindness is ever wasted and a perfect example of its contagiousness!

To learn more about our Family Kindness Challenge!

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