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This Great Parenting Tip Applies To Your Marriage As Well As Your Relationship With Your Teenager!

Scientists have found that if you don't have at least 5 positive interactions with your spouse for every negative one you could be at risk for a divorce.  Apparently this  5 to 1 ration is an effective way of maintaing a healthy connection with your teens and tweens and I suspect it's true for all relationships.  No parent gets to escape having at least some negative interactions with their kids, especially during the tumultuous teenage years. So remember that for every 1 negative interaction, 5 positive ones can restore good faith and help maintain a positive connection.  While teens are difficult, positive interactions can be remarkably easy.

Here are 5 simple suggestions for positive interactions with your teen:

1. Give them a warm hello when they walk in the door.

2. Greet them with a hug or a kiss when they wake up in the morning.

3. Tell them you love them and that you're proud of them when they don't expect it.

4. Do your best to drop everything  when your teen wants to spend time with you.

5. Eat dinner together or simply take time to share a snack with them.

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