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Great April Fools Day Pranks To Play On Your Kids

Laughing together and being silly are great ways to bond with your kids.  Here are some funny pranks that will surely light up their faces. Make sure to be ready with your camera!


To Dye For Prank

 If your kids like a glass of milk in the morning or they pour their own cereal then add a few drops of blue dye into the milk carton.  They'll be very surprised and startled by the blue milk. (use a natural dye if possible so they can drink it).


Salty Toothbrush Prank

Sprinkle a little salt on your kids toothbrushes the night before. 


Toilet Paper in the Shoes Prank

Ouch!  Stuff some toilet paper in their shoes so when they put them on before school they think their foot grew overnight!


House for Sale Prank

Put a for sale sign up in your yard after the kids leave for school.  This will freak out the kids when they come home and of course you'll give your neighbors something to gossip about!


Another Fun Toilet Paper Prank

Toilet paper your kids room after they fall asleep at night.  Be ready with a camera when they wake up!


Frozen Cereal Prank

The night before, pour some milk, cereal and a spoon in a bowl and stick it in the freezer.  In the morning add a little more cereal and milk (optional) into the bowl and serve.  Watch your kids while they try to eat frozen cereal. 


If you try any of these pranks please tell us about them and share your pictures on our Facebook page. We'll be posting funny pranks all day on our page.


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