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Giveaway–Little Green Pouch

Giveaway–Little Green Pouches

I am a fan of anything that helps me reduce the amount of garbage in the world, especially in my kids' lunches–reusable containers, napkins, silverware. That's why I was excited to find Little Green Pouches. These reusable food pouches are just like the ones taking up half of an aisle in the local grocery store. But, these are even better since you can fill them with your own creations and you can reuse them. Win-win. However, I did not know how practical they would be for my two teenagers; after all, food pouches are small and are generally marketed to babies and toddlers. Little did I know that these would be perfect for my kids as well.

My son is 16 years old–for that alone, he eats more than I could imagine. However, he is also a competitive swimmer and needs to eat constantly (at least, that's what it feels like). He loves to drink protein drinks and smoothies so he makes the drinks in the morning, fills a few of the Little Green Pouches, and enjoys them throughout the day. Super easy, convenient (he can just take one out of his locker in between classes rather than lugging around a big container), and completely satiates him during the school day.

My 12 year old daughter loves making smoothies ahead of time and freezing them in the pouches. They are a perfect after-school snack or grab-and-go breakfast on busy days.

Our whole family is loving these Little Green Pouches! Check them out and enter to win a four-pack below.

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