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Five Back To School Traditions to Start this Year

Whether your child is just starting Kindergarten or has been attending school for years, it’s always a good time to start some back-to-school traditions. Traditions are a great way to create family memories, link our past and lay the foundation for the future. Often, family traditions are the things that keep us grounded when everything else around us changes. Things that may seems like small changes to us, like starting school, a new teacher, and new friends, are all big changes for our children and having certain traditions to depend upon helps kids, and adults, feel safe and secure regardless of the challenges ahead.

Here are some of our favorite traditions that you may like to share with your own kids at back-to-school time.
1. Take a picture on the first day of school.
It can be of your child holding a sign or chalk board that says "First Day of _____" or even a group shot in front of the same tree each year. If you really want to go crazy remember to take a picture on their last day of school, too.
2. Decorate a large picture frame to hold that first or favorite masterpiece.  
Click here for how-to instructions.
3. Interview Your Child.  
This is a personal favorite of ours. Ask your child a series of 5-8 questions (depending of their age and patience level) about what they are most looking forward to this school year. Who are they looking forward to sitting with at lunch or on the bus? What do they hope to learn this year? Make some of the questions silly to add a little fun. We like videotaping the interview (it's so fun to look back and hear their answers!) but simply jotting down their answers in a special journal or book is great as well. 
4. Turn school supply shopping into an event.  
Shop together for school supplies and then have a special lunch or dinner together. We’ve been doing this since my son started kindergarten. He is now a high school junior and, even though he may not admit it, I know he still to looks forward to it. 
5. Pick out First Day of School Clothing
This can be something you shop for together or simply something they have in their closet. Either way, this can be a fun tradition that adds a little excitement for first day of school.
What are your favorite back to school traditions?

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