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5 Creative Ways to Use Lunchbox Love for Father’s Day

Father's Day is coming in less than a week and you want to give him something special. But, really, the usual options are just not so inspiring. Does anyone wear ties anymore? Power tools? A beer mug? Instead of giving him something from the big box stores, or to add something extra special, try one of our creative uses of Lunchbox Love. After all, what dad wouldn't love to hear words of love from his kids?

5 Creative Ways to Use Lunchbox Love for Father's Day

  1. Create a Lunchbox Love puzzle–take a couple of Lunchbox Love cards with special messages (ideally, use different colored cards), cut each into four or 5 pieces, and put all of the pieces into a baggie. Let Dad put the pieces together to discover his secret messages.
  2. Make a cute Father's Day lunch for him to take to work with a special Lunchbox Love note inside (image from Bento School Lunches).
  3. Leave Lunchbox Love in different places around the house for surprises–by the coffee pot, on the bathroom mirror, next to his keys, etc.
  4. Create a collage of Lunchbox Love messages and frame it.
  5. Attach a Lunchbox Love card to his credit card in his wallet to bring a smile to his face when he is away.

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