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5 Back-to-School Traditions

Whether you’re kids have been in school for a couple of weeks already or aren’t starting classes until after Labor Day, now is a perfect time to start a back-to-school traditions. We’ve got five great ideas–and multiple resources for each–that will help you capture the excitement of the beginning of the school year.

5 Back-to-school Traditions You Need to Start Now |

Have a party–Make the evening before a “School Year’s Eve” celebration and get your kids, and their friends, excited about starting school. Click here for instructions for making it a night to remember.

Take a first day of school portrait–They’ve got their special outfits all picked out so make sure you capture their excitement in a photo. Compare each year’s portrait to see how much they’ve grown. (Click on the images below for full details.)

First day of school portrait ideas  firstdayofschool3 Chalk sidewalk

Back to school interview–Find out who they are and what they love before the year begins. It will be so fun to look back and see the answers.

Back-to-School-Interview-free-printable-to-use-with-your-kids-or-students  BackToSchoolInterview_Primary1-1024x1024 First-Day-Fourth-Grade

First week of school time capsule–Fill a bottle or box with memories of the first week of school and open it up at the end of the year to remember how the year started. Click here for some time capsule inspiration.

Put a Lunchbox Love card in their lunch everyday–Start the year off right with Lunchbox Love for Kids in your child’s lunchbox and you’ll be sure to bring a love and laughter to lunch every day.

I love you more every day! | Lunchbox Love for Kids |

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