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3 Pinterest-Worthy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

by Elizabeth Flora Ross
Writer at The Writer Revived, founder of The Mom Pledge

We all know how much teachers do for our children. If you’re like me, you try to show your appreciation and do what you can to support your children’s teachers year round.

There is one week on the calendar, however, that provides the perfect opportunity to say, “Thank you!” Teacher Appreciation Week is the week of May 5 this year.

Here are some easy, fun DIY ideas you can do with your child individually or overall as a class:

The Gift Card Tree

This was an idea a mother from my child’s class last school year came up with, and I love it. She asked each family to contribute whatever amount they were comfortable with. Then, she purchased gift certificates from the favorite stores and restaurants for each teacher (there were two in my daughter’s preschool classroom). She attached the gift cards to plants. They were a HUGE hit!

Gift Card Tree | Teacher Appreciation Gift |

Last year, my daughter also had a great time making gifts for her to give to her speech therapists and teachers:

Personalized Planters

For her preschool teachers, my daughter chose plastic flowerpots from the craft store that had artwork for her to color and insert. She personally selected the flowers at a different store and planted them herself.

Shadow Boxes

I found some cute little wooden shadow boxes at a craft store for $1 apiece. My daughter painted them and placed foam flowers and lady bugs in the display section. Inside each box, we placed a printed note that read, “Thank you for helping me reach my potential.” And she signed her name.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts |

I prefer gifts from my child to be as personalized as possible. And for crafts, I’m all about cheap, easy and fun.

We spent a lovely spring day out on our deck creating the gifts. My daughter enjoyed making them and loved presenting them to her teachers, who loved them.

So, if you’re looking for ideas for your child this Teacher Appreciation Week, why not make some of these easy, fun gifts? Add a Lunchbox Love® for Those You Appreciate Card and your gifts are sure to be remembered!

You really make a difference. | Lunchbox Love for Those you appreciate | Teacher Appreciation |

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