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There's a type of frog that freezes solid in the winter and then thaws in the spring and is perfectly fine. From Lunchbox Love for Kids Volume 93

Fun Facts Come to Life–Frozen Frogs

Is every ready for the holidays? This is perfect timing as the Northeast is getting a FROZEN mix for the next couple of day! Hopefully we don’t end up like these frogs! I guess it could be worse! haha From Lunchbox Love for Kids Volume 93 Sign up for our newsletter now! And we’ll have […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Black Cats

Add a special Lunchbox Love Halloween note, a few bat/spider rings and some fangs and you have an easy, themed lunch! This note is from Halloween Volume 1. The history of black cats is way cool. Check it out below with your kids! Get ready for Thanksgiving with Lunchbox Love® Gratitude Tree Notes too – […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Hairy Stars

We started to look for stars last night on our way home from karate. Saturday night will be the best in our area so we’ll be looking out for them. I remember thinking it was so neat to see a shooting star when I was a child. Hope you find some good luck! Sign up […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Bats Have Thumbs

As Halloween approaches – we think about ghouls and witches ad BATS! All frightful images! But WAIT – watch the video below! Oh my goodness! I almost want a bat as a pet now! Show your kids these little “burritos”! This note is from Volume 93. Check out our Halloween notes too! Would you like […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Blue Morpho Butterfly

It’s so COOL to learn – talk about a beautiful butterfly! Watch the video below with your kids and pop this little note in their lunch boxes! It’s from Volume 83. For lunch today – Summer Garden pizza, celery and pineapple! Yummy! Sign up for our newsletter for the latest and greatest sales, FREE printable […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Big Bands

Well, we have a new place to tuck Lunchbox Love® notes – a saxophone case! My older son decided to become a member of the band. I thought this Did You Know? fact was perfect from Loved Ones Volume 2.  I’m always trying to find new places to tuck these gems. Please feel free to […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Colossus Penguins

I love that Lunchbox Love® notes are totally “tuck-able”. I like to surprise my boys by tucking them in their pockets and backpacks and of course, their lunches! This is a cool fact that they will love to share with their friends from Volume 90. Do you have an aquarium near you? We live near […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – Exploding Ants

Have fun with making lunches. I had a crinkle cutter that I hadn’t used in a while so I broke it out. It makes lunches fun, along with this FUN “Did You Know?” Fact from Volume 63. I can picture my son sharing this at his lunch table today! Sign up for our newsletter today. […]

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Fun Facts Come to Life – A Falcon’s Nest

It’s time to learn about falcons! It’s neat to see them up close and personal. They’re very cool. This note is from Volume 34. Check out a previous blog about falcons here too: Don’t forget sign up for our newsletter! It gives you great support ideas for your children and their lunch boxes!

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Fun Facts Come to Life -What is an Umbraphile?

Anyone excited for the solar eclipse? We highlighted one of Lunchbox Love® notes last week and here’s another from Volume 61). We’ll have to wait until April 8, 2024 to see another but we can always learn about them. Who knew that there is a word for someone who loves solar eclipses? UMBRAPHILE. The video […]

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