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Is There Anything Better Than A No Carve Pumpkin!!

If you’re like me, and are god-awful at carving pumpkins, then you’re going to love this from Here come the girls blog.



paint pumpkin



The first step was to grab some pumpkins and paint them.  Use fast drying enamel spray – 2 coats. I use white on the first coat and then glitter for the second coat.

part of the olaf

We left the pumpkins overnight to dry. Then got together the other materials.

We used:

a carrot

3 black bottle caps

large googly eyes


black and white craft foam


no carve pumpkin

Use a large knife to make a hole for the nose and the twigs but other than that there was no cutting. Use  the stalk of the bottom pumpkin to put the two parts together and it seems secure but you might need a skewer. Use superglue to attach the bottle caps and a foam mouth. I think he would look more realistic if you could find a less round pumpkin for his head, or place the pumpkin on its side.  Isn’t he adorable!

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