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Fun No Carve Pumpkins For Kids

A little back history first… So, I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary less than a week ago. We had a beautiful wedding complete with little, white pumpkins at everyone’s place settings. To say I love white pumpkins…ya, I really do! And I tend to be drawn to every project associated with them. Hence, these right […]

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

When we send our children off to school, we depend on their teachers to not only educate them but to nurture their thoughts and dreams. Most teachers are overworked and underappreciated so make sure to express your gratitude for all they do during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8). Your gifts don’t need to be expensive–putting […]

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Sweet 100th Day of School Project

This is the picture, along with the email  below that we received this week from one of our many amazing customers: “Thank you again for helping us with the quick shipping! We were a couple cards short as my son (in Kindergarten) was tackling a school project to celebrate the 100th day of school. He […]

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