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6 Ways To Get Your Kids to Open Up

It turns out the connection a kid needs to feel with his parents in order to open up and talk to them is cemented long before the teen years. Julie Romanowski, a parenting coach in Vancouver, says communication skills are built even in infancy and toddlerhood.How crazy is that! It’s not that you can’t work […]

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Positive Intention Setting For Back to School

INTENTION SETTING FOR KIDS If you’ve done yoga, meditation or anything spiritual, you have probably been invited to set an intention by your teacher.  It’s something touted by spiritual seekers, advisers, and success gurus like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and a personal favorite, Louise Hay.  My hypothesis, after years of practicing intention setting was that […]

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Fun Fact Friday CRAFT – Shark Cootie Catcher

Who knew that Shark Week would be a “thing” but it certainly is. Check out our Shark Week Pinterest Board for tons of great Shark Week party ideas and activities! But first, sign up for our free printable! Our newsletter is bringing  Big Deals For Back-to-School so don’t miss those! Sign up here!   Let’s celebrate […]

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Fun Fact Friday CRAFT- Water Experiment

Yes, you read that right! We’re mixing things up for the summer! Let’s keep those little minds busy with a project. It just so happens that we used these ingredients in another project earlier this week (painting with shaving cream and food coloring) in our household! Check out the video below for a Making Rain […]

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