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Keeping Lunches Allergy Free and Fun

The following post is shared by Lunchbox Love® Mom Panelist Keeley McGuire. I’ve been packing my daughter a school lunch since she was two years old. Yes, two. At the time, she was attending school full-time already for an educational ASD diagnosis, as well as being in speech and occupational therapy. She had very little […]

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We were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal!

Celie McKay, age 4, and her brother Fionn, 2, of Lexington, Ky., get the same thing for lunch almost every day—a note from their mom, Liz Swanson. Ms. Swanson keeps it simple. “YOU ARE LOVED,” she’ll write. Or, in blue crayon, “BLUE!” Sometimes she makes “happy bananas,” which are bananas that she decorates with a […]

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The Healthy Lunch Your Kids Will Request Weekly

The following post is shared by Lunchbox Love® Mom Panelist Shannon Carino. As the school year winds down, it’s so easy for moms to get into a lunch rut. Five lunches per week, per kid, and trying to be creative with different foods? It’s enough to get to anyone crazed. Add in “healthy” to the […]

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The Best Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe Ever!

I’m working hard to cut the gluten out of my diet.   This has not been an easy process for me as I come from a family that LOVES bread and carbs–but with recipes like this Cauliflower crust pizza I feel hopeful that I can remove bread and gluten from my diet without feeling deprived. […]

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Potato Tortilla [Tortilla de Patatas]

When I studied in Madrid, I was obviously living on a university student’s budget. One of my favorite, and cheap, things to eat for just about any meal was Tortilla Española, or potato tortilla. They could be found in just about every cafe around town and the ingredients were inexpensive enough to make in our […]

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Teach Your Kids to Never Give Up

The following post is shared by Lunchbox Love® Mom Panel Leader Heather Reinhard. My son is the kind of kid that wears his heart on his sleeve. I suppose you could say he received the gene that shows every emotion all over his face, even when he tries to conceal it. So when he walked […]

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