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Lunchbox Love® for Teachers Set


Since kids spend so much of their day in school, it is so important for the classroom to be a place of positivity and encouragement. That’s why we created Lunchbox Love specifically for teachers to give added enthusiasm and accolades to their students. 

  • Lunchbox Love for Class Birthdays–With “Happy Birthday” on the front and a unique fun trivia on the back, these cards are a super-sweet way to make each birthday child feel extra special. Give with pencils, stickers, or on their own.
  • Lunchbox Love for Class Kindness–The best way to encourage kindness is to acknowledge and celebrate thoughtful actions and words. Each card has one of two messages on the front (“I love how helpful you’ve been!” and “Thanks for being kind!“) and unique fun facts on the back.
  • Lunchbox Love for Class Motivation–The perfect way to reward your students for the hard work. With encouraging messages on the front (“Thanks for all your hard work!” & “You’re doing a great job!“) and fun trivia on the back (“Slugs have 4 noses.“), each unique card will motivate your students to keep up the good work.
All three of our Lunchbox Love for Classes comes in sets of two volumes with 24 cards in all, enough for the whole class.

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